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manufactured by Electro Breeze

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Electro Breeze is an even greater value!

     Now that Clockwork Home Services, the parent company of Natures Home and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning have changed their MicroPower Guard® air cleaner to the MicroPower Guard® Diamond air cleaner, the Electro Breeze air filter replacement pads have become an even greater value!  The new MicroPower Guard® Diamond is missing most of the carbon in the media filter pad.  The Electro Breeze media filter pad still utilizes a full sheet of carbon for better odor control.

Lifetime warranty means lifetime bondage

     The MicroPower Guard® Diamond air filter offers a limited lifetime warranty and this is supposed to be to the purchasers benefit.  Please read the fine print and you will notice that you have some hoops to jump through to keep the MicroPower Guard® Diamond air filter warranty in place.  In fact, it starts to feel like the free phone that you may have signed a contract for.  You will be paying through the nose for the next several years to get a small benefit.  Electro Breeze does not make you jump through hoops, nor do they hold you captive to their replacement pads to protect your warranty.  Click here to see your savings!

Ask for testing!

     The only pads that are tested to actually do what they say they do are the Electro Breeze brand replacement pads.  Ask your contractor to show you the testing for the efficiency of the MicroPower Guard® Diamond air cleaner that they are trying to sell you or have already sold you.  If you get a glimpse at the test report, we would sure love to see it.  As of the writing of this web page, no one has seen any testing by the manufacturer of the MicroPower Guard® Diamond air filter.

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     The color of the replacement pads for the MicroPower Guard® is currently yellow, but this color is simply a dye.  There is no difference between the fiberglass used for the MicroPower Guard® and the Electro Breeze air cleaner replacement filter pads.  As you can see below, even MicroPower Guard® air cleaners were offered with blue pads at one time.

To learn why Electro Breeze air cleaner replacement filter pads are such a great value, keep reading!

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Same pad!

Same performance!

Better construction!

Affordably priced!

Fully tested!


Beware of imitators

Click here if you need a copy of the MicroPower Guard Diamond warranty.

Click here if you need a copy of the MicroPower Guard Diamond registration card.

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New MicroPower Guard Diamond

Notice: The old MicroPower Guard media filter pad (above) has a full sheet of carbon.  The new MicroPower Guard Diamond media filter pad (below and left) has been stripped of most of the carbon.

Replacement filter pads for the MicroPower Guard air cleaner